The four Andean aces

The sight of a solitary volcano silhouetted on the horizon is a spectacle and a fascinating challenge. Mountaineering is all the more attractive it is not reserved only for initiates. The altitude enthusiasts will delight with no fewer than four peaks over 5500 meters.

The highlights of this trip:

  • A glacial route exception: four peaks over 5500 meters.
  • A guide to two in all climbs performed


Ascent Cotopaxi & chimborazo

10 days of exciting climbing, the perfect and progressive acclimatization will allow you to climb in the best conditions 2 of the most prestigious summits in the world : the Cotopaxi & the Chimborazo.

Trekking in Ecuador

This full program in this attractive country is for those who have little time and favor the discovery of landscapes by walking.

During the trekking, you climb a few "4,000" easy access volcanoes that provide the best views of Ecuador

The highlights of this trip:

  • The discovery of most of the country: the Avenue of Volcanoes, the altiplano, mountains, lakes, cities and marketplaces.
  • A varied program of walks, including the rise of several "4,000" and the ascent to the refuge of Chimborazo, at over 5,000 meters.


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